Company Profile

The company philosophy is to combine professional and reliable technical support with efficiency and flexibility in spare parts supply at fair prices.

Our particular focus is on the SULZER Z-type Medium Speed Engine.
As former Service and Senior Commissioning Engineers we have a wide range of know how and many years of experience with these types of engines.
The ability to provide our competence and know-how for technical consulting, spare parts delivery and spare parts manufacturing for SULZER Z-Type Medium Speed Engines is our big advantage and is beneficial to our customers.

Our current stock of high quality spare parts (made in Switzerland or EU), covers all the consumables spare parts, necessary for the usual maintenance and overhauls.

The company is owned and managed by Mr. Willi Hertli a qualified Marine-Engineer; 12 years experience as Senior Service and Commissioning Engineer with former Wärtsilä NSD and New Sulzer Diesel Ltd. Winterthur, Switzerland, specialized in SULZER 4 Stroke engines.