Spare Parts
We are able to supply the whole range of spare parts concerning the SULZER Z-type engines.

Our current stock of high quality spare parts (made in Switzerland or EU), covers all the consumables spare parts, necessary for the usual maintenance and overhauls. In co-operation with our partner companies and suppliers we are able to provide a fast spare part delivery service, which is an absolute must in our fast moving time.

We would like to emphasize our exceptional knowledge about the SULZER Z-Type engine, from many years of experience with this engine type. Therefore it is well known to us that the spare parts for this type of engine are to be of high quality, in order to perform in best manner in the engines.
It is the dedicated company rule that all spare part supplied to our customers have to be of high quality and must be in conformity to the O.E.M. manufacturing and testing procedures. The parts are subject to a constant quality check before entering our stock, the key parts are under strict quality control by the classification societies and these certificates are always obtainable.